How To Repair Electric Hot Water Heater – Source and Resource

It is possible to repair or replace the water heater.
Steps on how to troubleshoot hot water tank repairs:

1. Check the circuit breaker, making sure that the electrical water heater is turned off.

Step 2: Unplug the top part of the unit and make sure that the coils still work. Make sure you have a voltmeter ready and test the red and black wires to make sure that the electricity is off and this can give you a better idea about whether the hot water heater has been supplied with enough electricity.

Step 3: Take your voltmeter that comes along with negative and positive prongs. It is used to determine if your heating device has an average resistance. If one has unnatural readings or is far from what you want, it may be the reason for the issue.

Step 4: If there’s water inside your heater tank There’s an outlet in which you could install a drain plug and drain excess water. This is an easy method to fix a hot water tank regardless of whether the tank is functioning well.

Step 5. If you’ve successfully completed every step, the most likely cause is a failing heating element. Make sure you remove the element and replace it with a brand new one.


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