Building a Retaining Wall Step-By-Step – Interstate Moving Company

You can see the back yards and the front yards of a variety of people. They’re used to divide curvatures from straight yards. Sometimes, they also aid in the separation of soil from mulch. Retention walls are often used for raised gardens or flower beds. There are many options for the construction of a retaining wall, however, the most popular is made from stacked stones blocks or put together gravel. This video walks us through the process of building 3 feet of a retaining wall.

In order to construct your wall, you first need a base of packed gravel. A flatter surface is ideal to prevent wall collapse and the possibility of warping. The wall could become fragile if you build it in an area that is uneven. Utilizing stone blocks accessible at the nearest garden store Build the wall on an angle similar to a brick wall but bent a bit in order to conform to the contours of the hill. In order to avoid sinking when you build the wall, pack the dirt and gravel to the rear of each block you place. You’re done!


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