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They need to be managed in a way that is efficient. There is a tiny percentage of families in the U.S. and the world are very wealthy, and even for families with such wealth the management of resources remains important. Family members are accountable for how they use their time, expertise of skills, abilities and resources in order to meet the needs of their families.
1. Safe Drinking Water

The availability of safe drinking water is one of the best examples of resources available to families. According to the Environment Protection Agency reports that 92% of the Americans who are served by communities are able to access potable drinking water that is safe for consumption. Drinking water that is safe to drink is one of the most important aspects in the resources a family needs. For safe and high-quality drinking water, many families buy a water purifier. International organizations , such as U.N. U.N. promote the consumption of water that is safe for hydration and cooking. Additional benefits from purifying water are:

Eliminating diseases that cause infection, such as Typhoid or cholera. Producing safe agricultural products. Enhancing sanitation and improving health. 2. Oral Hygiene

Families with kids, and especially families that have young children, need be in a position to sustain an excellent hygiene. According to CDC that promoting hygiene is the most efficient strategy for reducing disease. The issue is that oral hygiene is often forgotten in favor of more visible and public ways of hygienics for hand washing, like a shower. It is nevertheless essential to avoid painful dental illnesses like tooth decay.

Everyone should have access to qualified family dentists that can provide preventive or proactive dentistry. It is easier to access families that have a steady financial source. In contrast, insurance programs like Medicaid aid in ensuring the accessibility of low- and middle-income families.

3. Advanced Care

Family resources can meet the basic requirements such as food and shelter as well as more complex needs like the need for advanced medical treatment. Insurance companies do not often co-insure.


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