Whats the Difference Between Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis? – The Buy Me Blog

These procedures can be employed to get rid of hair that is above and below the armpits. It is possible to purchase these treatments to enhance your appearance as well as your hygiene.

For electrolysis treatment, there is a probe placed at each hair follicle, which takes in the heat produced by the probe. The probe is then disintegrated. Laser removal treatments are when the laser beam is transmitted directly to hair follicles. The latter absorbs light, transforms into heat and then is eliminated. Laser removal can be used for treating large areas of skin at once. Laser removal therapy is quicker and causes fewer side consequences like redness, swelling in the joints, and pain.

Though electrolysis may be more expensive and takes longer however, it’s much more likely to eliminate all hair. It’s hard to remove every hair in the entire body. Treatment with lasers requires several sessions. A disadvantage to laser removal treatment is that it is not possible to apply it to the area around your eyes because of the intense radiation. We now know principal differences exist with electrolysis and laser hair removal.


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