The Dos and Donts of Better Sleep – Family Issues

bedtime, even if they’re in a different place, they’ll disrupt your circadian rhythms enough to leave us feeling sleepy at the beginning of the day.

Melatonin is produced in our bodies when it’s dark out (around 10 midnight). After being exposed to bright light throughout the day (especially blue-colored lights such as TVs and tablets) Our bodies create less melatonin. This makes us feel less exhausted or alert , until night falls again.

This cycle is repeated every night following the return of someone from work or school. But, it’s not happening so often because most people prefer not to sleep all late at night, as most work in jobs that need some sort of early morning hours before heading for work.

Generally, limiting exposure to blue light could help you get better sleeping at night, or throughout the day, if have the need.

4. You should not leave your the bed until you are tired.

While it is a mistake to be awake for as much time as possible before you fall to sleep, it can create a greater challenge for the body and mind to go to sleep. In turn, this could result in less sleep and could be the main reason for not sleeping in the morning or having trouble falling asleep during the night. Even although they’ve worked during shifts or days when there’s no movement around them. However, their minds are still thinking about when they should be going home.

If we allow ourselves to go to sleep only when we are exhausted (and not prior to) the mind will have a clear idea of what has to do next which will not distract us from getting enough sleep.

Parting Thoughts

The following are our top recommendations for helping you rest better.

Sleeping enough is among the most essential things you can do for your mind and body. If you’re not getting sufficient sleep, your body’s ability to repair and heal from stress.


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