How Apartments for Elderly Parents Should Be Set Up Turning Your Basement Into an Apartment – Family Issues

Storage units that are entrained. You might also need to employ a residential movers to carry items belonging to your parents from their old home to the new space. Perhaps they own a favourite couch or a set of clothes that they wore in the old house. Moving companies are able to move your belongings from your home to another location.

3. Hire a Cleaning Service

A basement that’s been neglected over time could be another reason why you’re hesitant to remodel it. Perhaps you don’t use the basement as often. Crumpled up space, clutter and spills. These can all be dealt with by a professional cleaning service.

The local house cleaners will aid in organizing your junk into bins. The basement will be left clean smelly and clean, in good shape for remodeling. You can contact them to clean the area to prepare the area for occupancy upon completion of the remodel.

Installation of the Space

It’s been cleaned by professionals the area, and you now have a dry basement ready for remodeling. What are you able to do to transform your basement to look as something you would find in an apartment for seniors? Here are seven suggestions that can help you design your space.

1. Install New Flooring

It is likely that your present flooring will consist of cement. Don’t let your elderly parents walking about barefoot on cold cement. In light of the potential for the cement to warp due to sweating and accumulation of moisture, wood carpet shouldn’t be utilized. You need to choose an un-slip, warm material.

Wood tiles made from engineered wood, or carpets are two possibilities for floor choices. Because seniors will be taking advantage of their living spaces, the floor needs to be as soft as possible to minimize injury in case from a fall. It’s not easy to balance design and comfort.

2. Upgrade Lighting

Another consideration when setting up basements for apartments for senior parents is the lighting. The CDC suggests that you ensure your home has plenty of illumination by adding bright bulbs. Since basements tend to be dark, it can cause issues with natural light.


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