What Are Blind Pipe Flanges? – Free Encyclopedia Online


The ends of gas and water pipes. If high-pressure pipes are unable to be threaded and welded or threaded, blind pipe flanges may be installed. They must be permanently sealed. The most common kind of blind flange is the socket-welded one, which does not require welding or any additional processes for the installation.
Blind flanges can be made of made of cast iron or steel with diverse materials that are designed for particular applications. They are most commonly used for sealing the pipe or tube to prevent leakage. Installing a blind fitting by pushing it on the end of your pipe and tightening it down with an anchor bolt. Since they are not welded onto your pipe, you are able to take them off without harming the rest of your equipment.
Metal structures that are complex, such as buildings and bridges can also comprise blind pipe flanges. The outside walls of these structures are made with metal sheets which need to be sealed. There are various sizes of blind pipe flanges based on their purpose. Blind flanges are constructed of plastic or metal.

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