This Mod Adds Loot Bags to Minecraft – WORLD GLOBAL NEWS

Another common theme in videogames is getting the loot of fallen adversaries. Minecraft is not an exception to this. There are a variety of valuable materials from the creatures you have killed. In the case of a creature, it shoots gunpowder, while a Skeletal drops bones. This may be a bit too easy for people who don’t have. The reason is that an moderator created the mod called Wandering Bag. It lets wandering traders as well as pillagers to drop bags with loot. This is a great option to spice up your Minecraft server. Hosting Minecraft servers is a great method to share mods the people you know.

Although many mods have tried to add loot bags into the game, no one has accomplished it quite as effectively as Wandering Bag. These bags can drop genuinely useful items. It is also possible to drop uncommon artifacts. Each artifact offers the player a unique ability. There are twenty to pick from. For example, one of the artifacts it is a potion, which provides positive status effects depending on the current situation. This will make the game more enjoyable.


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