How You Can Protect Plastics From UV Rays – SCHUMM

astics. The masterbatch granules are mixed with the polymer they are using for production and to add hue to the final.

A mono-batch contains colors pigments. A mix-batch includes color pigments and additives. A UV stabilizer is just one of the additives. It helps protect the base polymer from UV radiation. If plastic is exposed sunlight, it can alter the color, lifespan and the form of the item. The UV stabilizer can be placed in a separate container with the base polymer or included in the formulation of the masterbatch.

The color is protected through the selection of pigments that offer outstanding lightfastness and weather toughness. The base polymer is protected by UV stabilizers, but it is not the pigments that color the masterbatch. The highest quality color pigments as well as an effective stabilizer protects the polymer. Energy consumption (KLY) is defined by the length of exposure to sunlight. The KLY determines how long the product is secured from UV radiation. Products with high-end UV protection is ideal for outdoor use.


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