Heres Why Some Dancers Are Performing in Museums – Art Magazines Online

“Hy Dance in a Museum How do you explain this?” This is one reason why you’ll often see dancing in museums.

Performance art dancing has become an opportunity to communicate abstract thoughts, many museums are now incorporating performances in their programs. The idea of dancing as an artform which is not limited to the walls of the theater was first pioneered back in the 1950s by Merce Cunningham. Cunningham used everyday motions like walking and leaping into his routine . He also worked frequently with avant-garde artists.

Cunningham conceived performance art dancing as an art that has an individual identity that can coexist with avant-garde musical. Cunningham’s thoughts were influential on modern-day performance artists looking to discover the myriad ways that movement may be an expression of art. A few have taken Cunningham’s theories and even suggested that art can be an expression of how people interact with pieces of art. It is certain that performance art will remain a popular topic for art lovers worldwide regardless of the way dance studios push it in the coming years.


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