Watch an Eye Dr Explain the Cause of Dry Eyes – Health Advice Now

Everyday, eyes dry and dry. Why do we have this issue? The answer is much more intricate than you believe an eye specialist explains in this video. Watch and continue reading to learn more.

First, the doctor explains the patient that dry eyes can be caused by many components. The doctor first examines the tear film. It’s a 3-layered component of the eye. There are three layers in tear ducts, namely the lipid layer, the aqueous and the mucous. The aqueous layer causes dry eyes for many. Many people may suffer from aqueous deficiency, and thus the water layer of their tear film lacks. This is usually due to by aging, LASIK surgery or medications.

Another reason that can cause dry eyes is evaporative problems. This may be caused by surrounding environment (such as humidity and airflow) and a lower blink rate, or contact lenses.

If you’re suffering from dry eyes and you want to learn more about it, check out this video. When you’re ready for treatments, contact with a reputable eye doctor immediately. 2hm7381kmj.

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