Check Out These Incredible Stuffed Apples! – Healthy Dessert

ing for a healthy dessert idea for your brunch? You’re unlikely to want something too sweet. The best choice is a healthy dessert for your brunch. Perhaps you are just the right choice for apple stuffed. They are delicious and sweet and tangy in the same moment. They also have a cozy breakfast feel. You can feel confident about heating. In this video we will show you how to make stuffed apples.

Start by hollowing out some apples , then cut off the tops. After that, you’ll combine butter, brown sugar , and cinnamon. Then, mix it up and cover your apples with the glaze. Then, spread an even layer of cider over the tray holding your apples. Next, wrap the tray and apples in aluminum foil, and bake them on the stove. Mix the oats with milk in the oven while they cook. Stir them around. Cook them for five to seven minutes and then place this mixture into the apples. Then, pour the glaze from the tray of cider apples with Greek yogurt on top of the apples. This is how you can make a delicious brunch dessert.


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