Understanding the Relational Process – Suggest Explorer


It’s an ideal method to help divorced or separated couples to take decisions about their children. It’s not the best choice to engage your children in disagreements. It is an approach to Restorative Justice that makes parents accountable for their behavior. The focus is not on securing revenge or pinpointing the best parent as much as it is about helping to improve the circumstances for everyone involved.

This method can help you solve one problem: How can you talk to your child about the divorce process? While one parent might believe their approach is more superior to the other It is crucial that you focus your attention at the child. Which will help them to feel at peace? What are the steps to take so that everybody feels at ease?

This video will discuss the method in detail. This video is a wonderful tool to gain more information about this relational method. Get in touch with your lawyer to get more details on how you can put the method into practice.


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