Is Your Vehicle Really Safe For Your Family? – Family Tree Websites

Amies look over the safety rating of each vehicle they’re considering buying. This score could be deceiving. Watch this video to learn more.

Different types of crashes can be evaluated on crash simulators. Dummies are utilized to measure pressure on different parts of the body, such as their chest, legs and heads. But, there’s an problem. Children’s bodies as well as women aren’t accurately represented in these dolls. Since a long time, this has been true. Yet, the car makers persist with this outdated design. It’s true considering that more women drive cars nowadays than men, and Americans have become more overweight than they used to be. The facts suggest that we need updated car crash dummies that accurately reflect distinct segments of society. Are your cars as secure and secure as you would like? The good news is that changes appear to be on the horizon and more types of dummies are that are in the process of design.


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