How to Install Aluminum Fences – Vacuum Storage

This fence gives a lovely look. In addition, these fences enhance your curb appeal, they are also extremely durable. This video will teach you how to put the aluminum fence to make a fence.

Prior to beginning your installation, there are some important items you must complete. Check your local fencing codes. Label your utility lines. It is also important to determine the measurement and then clear the areas where you will be putting your fences. Additionally, you must ensure you have the right tools and equipment. They include a shovel hacksaw, and level as well as the digger for postholes.

The first step is to place stakes at the corners and ends of the posts will be. For a visual representation of the area of your fence, wrap string securely between stakes. After that, you will need to dig holes for your posts. These holes should be 2 feet deep, and 6 inches across. After digging the holes, put posts into the holes and use Quikrete to fill in the gap around the post. It’s a good foundation. Follow the above steps to put in sections and lines.


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